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31 Lesser Known Facts About Cara Delevingne That Will Make You Love Her More


Cara Delevingne has always stood out, capturing our attentions like the brightest star, with her modeling stint for Burberry or Chanel, or even with her major role in “Paper Towns” or “Suicide Squad,” or even with her runway walk for Vitoria’s Secret. But, there are a lot of things that fans do not know about this actress, like how she performances in auditions. Here are some really interesting facts about the famous model and actress, which will only make you love her more:

  1. She was ranked 20th in the “Power 1000” list by Evening Standard, for her domination of the catwalks at the London Fashion Week, as well as her huge social media following, in the year 2013.
  2. Her audition for the role of Margo in the movie “Paper Towns,” was reportedly outstanding and “something special.” The author of the book, on which the movie was based on, tweeted immediately after the audition that she blew everyone away and has profound understanding of the character.
  3. Delevingne was cast as Dr, June Moone / Enchantress in the “Suicide Squad” movie, even before the script was finished, by the director David Ayer.
  4. Ayer had reportedly cast her and asked her to prepare for the role, by stripping naked in the woods. She was also asked to walk in the mud at night, preferably underneath a full moon.
  5. Cara had prepared herself as per the instructions of Ayer, on the secluded compound of her sister’s mansion, which gave her the privacy she required.
  6. For her role as Sergeant Laureine in the movie “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets,” she underwent a rigorous training schedule. She worked out for months to get into the shape required for the character.
  7. She had been included in the list of “100 Makers of the 21st Century,” by The Sunday Times Magazine, in the March 2014.
  8. She is also an accomplished writer, who made her debut as novelist in October 2017, with her new book “Mirror, Mirror.” The book was co-written by British writer Rowan Coleman, and is based on an LGBT theme.
  9. Apart from modeling and acting, she can also sing, play drums and guitar. She had reportedly written and recorded two albums in 2011 and 2012, under artist manager Simon Fuller, but refused a record deal, due the fact that her named would be changed.
  10. She was featured in a sketch for “The Feeling Nuts Comedy Night,” an annual 90-minute comedy TV event, designed to raise awareness of testicular cancer on October 24, 2014.
  11. In the year 2014, she was ranked 6th on the Forbes’ “World’s Highest-Paid Models” list, which reported an estimated US$3.5 million earning. The next year, she moved four spots, and was ranked 2nd on the list with earnings of $9 million.
  12. For her role as Dr. June Moone and the later ego of the Enchantress in the “Suicide Squad” movie, she uses American as well as English accent. She uses her natural English accent for playing the dark side of her character – the Enchantress.
  13. Delevingne’s reaction to the news that she was cast in “Paper Towns” as Margo, was quite emotional. She had reportedly started crying in a hotel room, where she was getting ready for work. It took her a few minutes for the news to fully sink in, after which she was very much excited.
  14. Justin Chang of Variety praised her performance as Margo Roth Spiegelman in the movie “Paper Towns,” calling her as the “real find of the film.” He went on to say that she Cara is a striking actress who is here to stay.
  15. She has collaborated with DKNY and Mulberry and has reportedly designed two fashion collections for them. Her DKNY capsule collection was a variety of sporty street style items, while her Mulberry collection features rucksacks and handbags.
  16. Her background vocals are reportedly featured on the popular song “Pills” from the album “Mass education,” by St. Vincent. She was in a relationship with St. Vincent from the year 2014 to 2016.
  17. She admitted in an interview that before being cast as the Enchantress in “Suicide Squad,” she had not read any Enchantress comics. She actually read it only after the production of the movie was complete.
  18. She has been cast as Vignette Stonemoss in the TV series “Carnival Row,” co-starring Orlando Bloom as Rycroft Philostrate. She is said to have attending the premiere of the show with her girlfriend Ashley Benson.
  19. Delevingne was named as one of “London’s 1000 Most Influential of 2011,” in the category of “Most Invited,” by the Evening Standard.
  20. She had recorded an acoustic duet with Will Heard, a famous British soul and jazz singer-songwriter. The duet was actually a cover version of “Sonnentanz,” the debut single of Klangkarussell.
  21. She, along with Kate Moss and Georgia May Jagger, became the face of Rimmel, a British cosmetics brand, in the year 2016.
  22. For the audition of her role as Dr June Moone / Enchantress in “Suicide Squad,” she read for Martha from Edward Albee’s play “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” Director David Ayer has asked her to read the part in several different variations, in an effort to reflect the split personality of her character.
  23. However, she claimed in an interview that by the time the audition was over, she was too much into the character that she was ready to beat people up. She said that Ayer “sparked a fury” in her, and that she was so furious.
  24. During the promotion of her movie “Paper Towns” on The Graham Norton Show, she claimed that other actresses have reportedly asked to produce her audition tapes, to prove that she could actually act.
  25. Delevingne claimed in an interview with Collider that she loves the prosthetic pixie wings that her character of Vignette Stonemoss wore in the TV series “Carnival Row.” She had even taken several picture of herself wearing it while being nude.
  26. For her role as Isabelle in the movie “Life in a Year,” she reportedly had her head shaved, along with her co-star Jaden Smith. She is usually known to dye her hair for her roles in different movie, though she is natural blonde.
  27. She collaborated with Pharrell Williams, for the song “CC the World,” which was used in “Reincarnation,” a short Chanel film, which actually stars both Pharrell and Cara as the leads.
  28. Cara Delevingne is openly bisexual. I May 2018, she came out as genderfluid. She met her girlfriend Ashley Benson on the sets of the movie “Her Smell.” The duo fell in love, and in June 2019, they confirmed their relationship.
  29. While shooting her part in “Suicide Squad,” she reportedly used to listen to rock music from Nick Cave and Megadeth, to get herself into the right mood for her alter-ego character of Enchantress.
  30. She was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, dyspraxia and ADHD at the age of 15. She underwent treatment for depression, during her teenage years. Still now, she occasionally suffers from outbreaks of stress related psoriasis.
  31. Cara Delevingne Net Worth: $35 Million
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