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31 Facts About The Beautiful Lady Gaga That Will Blow Your Mind


Lady Gaga, the creator of some of the best songs ever, is one of the only artists to have the #1 song, #1 album, and #1 film at the same time in the UK and Australia. Known for her inexplicable costumes, she rose to stardom just by being uniquely herself.  Here are some really fascinating facts about the singer that will make you love her more:

  1. As of writing, Lady Gaga has an Academy Award, 11 Grammy Awards, a BAFTA Award, two Golden Globe Awards, three Brit Awards, thirteen MTV Video Music Awards, and the inaugural Songwriters Hall of Fame’s Contemporary Icon Award, to her name. She also holds numerous Guinness World Records.
  2. In the year 2019, Lady Gaga became the first woman to win an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, a BAFTA Award and a Golden Globe Award in one year for her contribution to the soundtrack of “A Star Is Born.”
  3. When the film “A Star Is Born” premiered at the Venice Film Festival on August 31, 2018, she and her co-star Bradley Cooper were honored with an eight-minute standing ovation after the screening.
  4. Some of the scenes from the movie “A Star Is Born,” were filmed at the 2017 Coachella Festival, where, she had been the first female headliner in ten years.
  5. It was reported that festival-goers paid an additional ten dollars to watch the movie scenes being filmed there. In an effort to prevent leakage of footage, any kind of recording devices were prohibited.
  6. Even the speakers were removed to ensure that the audience doesn’t leak the song, before the movie’s release. The fans close to the stage were able to hear Lady Gaga sing, but not the backing track.
  7. In December 2019, Gaga was ranked 10th on Forbes’ list of “Top-Earning Musicians Of The Decade” with a reported earnings of $500 million in the 2010s. She was the fourth highest-earning female musician on the list.
  8. Her second studio album “Born This Way” sold over 1 million copies in the first week, becoming the seventh album to do so. Amazon sold 440,000 copies of the album in its first two days at a price of 99 cents, contributing to the album’s 662,000 digital sales, the highest one-week digital total of all time.
  9. Her music video “Alejandro” was severely criticized by the Catholic League for alleged blasphemy for the scene involving swallowing of Rosary beads, accusing her of “playing a Madonna copy-cat.”
  10. However, fashion photographer Steven Klein, who directed the music video has made it clear that Gag’s real intention of swallowing the Rosary beads, was her “desire to take in the Holy.”
  11. During the filming of “A Star Is Born,” she became too attached to her character of Ally that just as the shooting was wrapped she dyed her hair blonde, in an effort to release Ally. However, the character of Ally is the total opposite of Gaga.
  12. Lady Gaga is the first woman to receive the Digital Diamond Award certification from RIAA, and also the first and only artist to have two songs pass 7 million downloads.
  13. Following the COVID-19 Pandemic, she curated the televised benefit concert “One World: Together at Home,” a collaboration with Global Citizen to benefit the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.
  14. Her first film role was in “Men in Black 3,” in which she plays the uncredited role of an alien on a screen in the background of MiB headquarters. Her alias is said to be the alien name.
  15. Before the movie “A Star Is Born” went to the film festivals, her co-star Bradley Cooper showed her the final cut. She had reportedly burst into tears right at the very first frame and had cried throughout the entire movie.
  16. Initially, Joseph Kahn was reportedly hired to direct her “The Edge of Glory” music video, but, just a few days before filming commenced, he quit from the project citing creative differences with Gaga.
  17. The original plan is said to have been mermaid-themed, prior to Kahn leaving the project. However, the minimalist video released was credited to Gaga’s creative team “Haus of Gaga.”
  18. She hates to watch movies in which the actors did not lip-sync properly to the songs. This was the reason she convinced her co-star Bradley Cooper to sing the songs in “A Star Is Born,” live, in an effort to avoid lip-syncing issues.
  19. She claimed “Yoü and I” from the “Born This Way” studio album to have been very dear to heart and that it was written about the most important person she had ever met. That person was alleged to be her ex-boyfriend Lüc Carl.
  20. It was on the sets of “Yoü and I” that she met Taylor Kinney, who was featured in the music video of the song. The duo met on location in Nebraska, and started dating the same year. They announced their engagement in February 2015, but broke-up in July 2016.
  21. For a majority of the filming of “A Star Is Born,” she reportedly remained bare faced, with only a lip balm and moisturizer, looking pretty much herself. Even for the screen test, she had to be free from makeup.
  22. However, she had initially tried to trick her co-star Bradley Cooper, before the screen test by wearing the “no-makeup make-up. Cooper took a makeup wipe and revealed her no-makeup make-up and asked her to remove it all.
  23. Her “G.U.Y” music video is said to have been the second ever professional film project to have gained permission for filming at Hearst Castle, after the property’s donation to the state of California.
  24. Gaga reportedly donated $250,000 to the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation. In exchange for permission to film, she had also agreed to film public service announcements for water preservation.
  25. In the movie “A Star Is Born,” the relationship of her character Ally with her father, is said to have been imbued with the real aspects of Lady Gaga’s relationship with her father.
  26. In fact, the scene in which she talks to father about the time he would sit with her while she wrote songs, reportedly reflects the genuine moments in Lady Gaga’s relationship with her father.
  27. She was very much interested to be a part of the “American Horror Story,” that she called the writer and producer Ryan Murphy, asking him to consider her for a role.
  28. She claimed in an interview that the lyrical inspiration for “The Edge of Glory,” came from the death of her grandfather, who passed away in September 2010.
  29. She, along with her mother Cynthia Germanotta, launched the non-profit organization “Born This Way Foundation” on November 13, 2011. The foundation focuses on youth empowerment, while helping people worldwide develop a new standard of care towards one another.
  30. Her co-star Bradley Cooper from “A Star Is Born” first heard her sing the classic French song “La Vie en Rose,” at the home of philanthropist Sean Parker, for a Cancer benefit. He was very much impressed that he insisted on including her performance on the movie’s soundtrack.
  31. Lady Gaga Net Worth: $320 Million
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