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31 Awe-Inspiring Facts You Didn’t Know About The First Avenger – Chris Evans


Chris Evans, world renowned as The Cap, or Captain America, for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is like the charismatic guy next door, who can light up the room with a disarming smile. He is one of the highest paid actors in the world, who has climbed up the ladder steadily with some really big movies. Here are a few little known things about the actor:

  1. For his breakthrough role of Steve Rogers / Captain America in the “Captain America: The First Avenger,” he didn’t have to audition, like the other characters, as the filmmakers were desperate to have him play the part.
  2. Evans feared that accepting the role of Captain America would affect his private life due to the sudden increase of fame. He went on to decline the offer three times, before he was convinced by Robert Downey Jr., to take the role.
  3. He personally contacted director Bong Joon-ho to audition for the role of Curtis in the movie “Snowpiercer,” just as he heard about the casting news. However, Joon-ho had reservations in casting him in the lead role, as his character should not be physically fit, and his muscular physique was the opposite of what they wanted. In the movie, careful costuming and perfect camera angles kept his physique from showing.
  4. For the movie “Before We Go,” which is his directorial debut, he found it really difficulty to direct at the initial stages, but was later able to do everything all by himself and was also able to understand his character better.
  5. In preparation for reprising his role as “Steve Rogers/ Captain America,” in the movie “Captain America: Civil War” Evans is said to have worked very hard to physically embody the character, especially for the most scene where he stops a helicopter from taking off with his bare hands.
  6. During the filming of the hotel scene in the 2009 movie “Push,” his character Nick was supposed to touch his love Kira’s butt. Evans refused to film the scene without Camilla Belle’s permission, who played the role of Kira. The scene was filmed as scripted only after Belle gave him permission to touch her.
  7. In the movie “Puncture,” some of the real tattoos of Evans can be seen, while a few others were custom made for his character of Mike Weiss, who is a drug-addict.
  8. He and his co-star Scarlett Johansson reportedly wrote their own dialogues for the several scenes involving their characters of Captain America and Black Widow, in the movie “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”
  9. During the filming of the “Avengers: Infinity War,” he and his co-star Chris Hemsworth is said to have ad-libbed the facial hair comparison dialogue between their characters Captain America and Thor, reasoning that the duo have known each other for such a long time to have that kind of friendly banter.
  10. At the time of filming of the 2005 movie “London,” he was involved in a relationship with his co-star Jessica Biel. The couple is said to have dated for nearly 2 years before the relationship ended on a friendly note.
  11. In the movie “Sunshine,” for the scene of his character Mace fixing the Icarus 2 in the coolant, he actually entered extremely cold water for each take, to make his breath appear cold, and to give a real teeth chattering reaction.
  12. Evans feels that the character of Steve Rogers is actually great, and even if it was just about a nobody, and not a superhero from comic, he would still want to play the character.
  13. In preparation for his role of Ryan in the 2004 movie “Cellular,” he trained for five weeks at a Los Angeles stunt school, even before the production started. He, along with most of the other actors in the movie, performed their own car stunts.
  14. During the filming of the movie “The Avengers,” there were very few times when all the stars and the crew are in town at the same time. On one such occasion, Evans reportedly sent all of them a group text message simply stating “Assemble,” prompting a night out on the town. This message is said to be his co-star Clark Gregg’s favorite of all time.
  15. At the end of the 2014 movie “Playing It Cool,” he can be seen tap dancing. In reality he learned to tap dance from his mother, who owned a dance studio. He once admitted that he used to tap dance whenever he was nervous.
  16. Following the wrap of “Gifted” movie shooting, he and his co-star Jenny Slate were involved in a romantic relationship that ended after almost a year. But by the end of 2017, the duo announced that they were back together, only to break up again in March 2018.
  17. All of his character Steve Rogers / Captain America’s scenes in which he is in regular outfits, other than the Captain suit, in the “Captain America: Civil War,” were shot with him wearing t-shirts many sizes smaller than his actual size, so his muscles pop on camera.
  18. It was also reported that all those scenes were scheduled or shot at the very start of the filming, as he loses a lot of weight while filming action sequences wearing the Captain America suit.
  19. Although he was one of the major billed actors in the “Avengers: Infinity War,” he did not go on the press tour promoting the movie, due to his schedule with the Broadway revival of Lobby Hero.
  20. Evans reportedly hard trouble shooting his scenes with Mia Kirshner in his debut feature film “Not Another Teen Movie.” Especially the scenes in which he refutes her approach for sex was very difficult, as she was grinding on him.
  21. In the “Captain America: The First Avenger” movie, the scene in which he emerges from the pod, upon turning into Captain, is reportedly a very much improvised version and the surprise in Hayley Atwell’s face is genuine.
  22. His co-star Atwell admitted in interviews that she was very taken by the physique that she surprised herself by touching his chest and nearly broke character, ruining the take. But, that was the take which made it into the film.
  23. In the final end credit scene in the movie “The Avengers,” he is the only one who is not eating, as he had a beard for filming “Snowpiercer.” He was given a prosthetic jaw for the extra scene, due to which he can be seen holding his hand over his face.
  24. For his character of Nick in the movie “Before We Go,” he decided to learn to play the trumpet, and perform all the scenes by himself. But, it was really difficult to learn trumpet and he had to settle learning the accurate fingering for the notes he can be seen playing.
  25. After the release of the movie “Cellular,” he confessed that he spent so much time driving the car for multiple camera angles that he actually peed on himself while backing out of a tunnel, and didn’t even realize it until the end, when he exited from the car.
  26. During the filming of the most epic scene of Captain America holding back a helicopter with his bare hands, he reportedly injured his arm muscles because of the strain.
  27. He calls the shot to be “a little bit of bicep porn,” as the script was all about zooming in on the biceps. He also added that it was a very unnatural position to stop something, but the studio used it just for him to flex his bicep and make the scene iconic.
  28. His co-star Robert Downey Jr., even joked that the filmmakers will not be bothered with Evans hurting his bicep, as long as the shot turned out great and they can use it to promote the movie.
  29. There have been a lot of claims that his biceps in the said helicopter scene were CGI enhanced, all of which he refuted. He went on to add that he lifted a lot of weight for hours on end before filming that scene.
  30. Evans is said to have found and adopted his dog Dodger from a local animal shelter in the area of the pound scene in the movie “Gifted” where he goes to rescue his niece Mary’s cat.
  31. Chris Evans Net Worth: $50 Million
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