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3 Easy Ways To Stop A Runny Nose


When winter begins, it is easy to see people snoring and coughing or sneezing and blowing their noses because of the change of weather around them.

It is easy to think of it as a symptom of a common cold, but it is also a precursor to other symptoms. In particular, a runny nose is said to be a typical symptom of rhinitis or sinusitis. A runny nose that continues to flow even after wiping. Today, I am going to post about how to stop a runny nose.

● What causes a runny nose? The nose is responsible for removing pollutants and bacteria from the air and regulating the temperature of the head. Inside the nose, there are nasal hairs that induce air pollutants to the mucous membrane of the nose, and there are 4 sinuses on each side covered with polystriae epithelium. Here, polluted substances and bacteria are treated and made into a substance called runny nose and discharged outside.

In other words, the reason I have a runny nose is because the virus has entered the nose due to a cold or allergic rhinitis due to the current cold and dry air, and the nose continues to discharge substances to prevent it.

Therefore, if you blow your nose too hard, it can shock the ear canal and cause otitis media or tinnitus, so I think it would be better to use the method to stop a runny nose rather than blowing your nose hard.

1. Nose Wash

Nasal washing can be done very simply using physiological saline. It is very effective in clearing a stuffy nose as well as stopping a runny nose by washing the inside of the nose. It is known that nasal rinsing helps to clear the nasal passages, allowing the air to flow smoothly and eliminating bacteria and viruses that cause colds.

2. Nose Massage

One of the ways to stop a runny nose is to massage the nose. Gently massage the bridge of the nose with your index finger and thumb for 3 seconds and then release. If you use too much force, your nose may be hurt, so you can press it lightly like a massage and rub it. Also, it is said to be more effective if massaged after warming the nose or hands.

3. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea has a very good effect on strengthening the immune system. It is effective in preventing colds, but it is also very effective as a method to stop a runny nose. Besides ginger tea, it is also recommended to drink a lot of warm water to thin the mucus. At this time, hold the water for about 30 seconds and then swallow the water to stop a runny nose.

In addition to this, there are many other types such as massage with a warm towel. Above all, warming the body and getting enough rest seems to be the most effective way to stop a runny nose.

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