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10 Tips For Normal Delivery


Pregnancy has its share of ups and downs. Ups being the joy of becoming parents and downs being the challenges of pregnancy and the fears associated with labor and childbirth. These apprehensions about normal delivery have more and more women opting for c-sections. But, it is noteworthy that normal delivery ensures faster recovery and minimum complications.

For moms-to-be, here we present 10 tips for normal delivery:

  1. Focus on diet: During pregnancy, labor and childbirth diet plays an essential role. So, it is important that the mom-to-be gets proper nourishment. A healthy diet, packed with nutrients will not just provide adequate strength to the mother to go through intense labor, but will also help in the development of the baby.
  2. Educate yourself: Learn about the different ways of pain management, breathing techniques, and birthing information. You can join some prenatal classes, which will help you to prepare in every possible way. This will not just help you to learn but will reduce your fears and also enhance your confidence.
  3. Be happy: Contractions during labor is created by the hormone oxytocin. But, stress or anxiety can reduce the production of this hormone in the body. So, it is essential to be calm and happy. Listen to some calming music or watch some light movies to keep your mood happy and stress-free.
  4. Consult a doctor: For proper prenatal care, get in touch with a good doctor as soon as you find out that you are expecting. Organized prenatal care will ensure that from day one, both the baby and the mommy-to-be are heading in the right direction.
  5. Do moderate exercise regularly: Moms-to-be should exercise regularly. Be it yoga, brisk walking, pilates at a moderate level, and Kegel exercises, it will help in building strength and will also enhance the endurance level as labor calls for pretty much hard work. Moreover, regular exercise will also help you in coping with the pregnancy weight gained.
  6. Steer away from negative conversations: Keep yourself away from women, who love to narrate their painful experiences. Negativity can increase stress levels and anxiety which impacts your natural delivery. Every woman is different and so is each pregnancy.
  7. Breathing exercises: During delivery and while you are in labor, you need to use breathing techniques, so it is important that you do breathing exercises. Additionally, deep breathing exercises will also ensure that the baby is getting an adequate amount of oxygen, required for its growth and development.
  8. Perineal massage: A regular perineal massage, post the seventh month of pregnancy is very helpful as it eases joint pains and muscle tension, reduces swellings, and also minimizes stress levels.
  9. Get adequate sleep: Pregnancy calls for adequate rest for the mom-to-be. Adequate and undisturbed sleep is also essential for the proper development and growth of the baby.
  10. Spouse and family support: Pregnancy can be challenging at times, with the multiple changes that the soon to be mommy is witnessing within her. So, throughout the pregnancy, it is important that the mom-to-be gets support from their spouse and family members.
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