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What Is The Best Age to Get Pregnant?


Is there any perfect time to have your first baby? Or, what is the best age to get pregnant?

Well, this frequently asked question has no answer as there is no perfect age to get pregnant! In reality, the perfect time varies from person to person. And the best time will check on how prepared you are in terms of the physical aspect, state of mind, and emotional as well as financial stability to bring in your baby into this world.

Considering the age when women get pregnant across the globe, we have categorized them in groups and have analyzed based on the different factors to check whether it could be the best age or not.

Read on to know more:

Below 20 years

The youngsters below the age of 20 years are surely not in a phase which can be called as the ideal time to get pregnant. You are still in the growing up years and raising a child during this time will surely be challenging in every aspect. Starting from being physically prepared for the pregnancy to other complications due to early pregnancy. Financial aspects related to raising a child needs to be considered as well. It is true that this age group belongs to the most fertile age bracket, but the other factors may overpower this. Moreover, teen pregnancy is also related to health risks during midlife.

Age 20 to 24 years

As a young adult, physically, you are more prepared for the pregnancy and your fertility during this age is high too at around 25 percent chances of getting pregnant each month. But, since you have just started your career, the financial aspect is a big factor that you need to take into account. The costs associated with raising a child may be difficult to accommodate along with student loans to take care of.

Between 25 to 29 years

During this age bracket, you are prepared physically and you are in still in your fertile period as studies have shown that you still have about 25 percent chances of achieving pregnancy every month. As an adult, you are now moving towards a more stable career and financial scenario is improving too.

Post 30s

Post 30, fertility will see a downward curve, but your chances of getting pregnant are not zero. It is rather good that you had time to explore yourself and establish a career before starting a family. It is however important to note that late pregnancy increases health risks like hypertension and diabetes in pregnancy. It must be mentioned that during the late 30s, the success rate of fertility assistance methods like IVF sees a downward curve too.

Between 40 to 45 years

In this age bracket the chances of getting pregnant are much lower to about 5 percent per month but getting pregnant during your early 40s will give you a chance to establish yourself and gain meaningful life experiences. However, this is a high medical risk age bracket to get pregnant due to the higher chances of complications like ectopic pregnancy, preterm labor, or miscarriages.


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