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Top 6 Things To Consider Before Sending Your Child To Boarding School


Every parent wants the best for their child. Be it enrolling their child in the best school, or buying the best clothes or toys for their kids. Most parents consider spending money on their children’s education as the best investment as it is for the future of their children. And, never do they think twice as they are sure that they will reap the benefits in the coming days.

When it comes to sending children to boarding schools, most parents are apprehensive. It goes without saying that sending children to a boarding school has its own set of advantages, which cannot be ignored. But, before you decide to send your child to a boarding school talk to them and discuss why you are considering it. You should never make them feel that you are sending them to boarding school as a punishment as it will scar their minds and have a negative impact on them.

As you weigh the pros and cons, here we present the top 6 things to keep in mind before sending your child to boarding school.

Holistic and a dynamic learning environment

Boarding schools are synonymous with discipline. It is not just education, but also other activities like co-curricular activities or doing chores, which will provide your child with a holistic learning environment. This will not just teach them about the importance of discipline but will also help to build up their character and prepare them to face challenging situations.

Makes children confident, responsible, independent and self-reliant

Boarding school will make your child become responsible from an early age. They will be independent and self-reliant and will learn to manage things by themselves. Being self-dependent and managing themselves in different scenarios will also build up their confidence.

Makes them socially intelligent

In boarding school, your child will spend most of their time with their friends and learn to help each other while everyone is learning to lead a life away from their parents. This gives rise to a community feeling. It also makes the kids socially intelligent and good team player.

Follow strict rules

Boarding schools have strict rules and regulations. It is true that not every child is able to adjust to the rigidity and may also find it difficult to cope with the academic pressure along with their need to participate in other co-curricular activities.

The bond between child and parents is broken

Boarding school alienates children from their parents as they live in different places and this distance and the lack of communication often disrupt the bond they share. Many kids also hold grudge against their parents for sending them to boarding school. So, before sending your child to boarding, it is important that you discuss and tell them why you are considering such a step.

Exposure to bad company

Boarding schools can also bring bad influence upon your child if they pick up some bad habits from seniors. They might also have a tendency towards developing bad behavior such as bullying or teasing. This is a risk factor which you will have to consider and take necessary precaution.

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