Top 10 Worst Own Goals In World Cup Soccer History
Top 10 Worst Own Goals In World Cup Soccer History

According to Wikipedia, there have been 54 own goals scored at the 22 final tournaments of the World Cup. The most own goals by a team are 4, by Mexico, and the most own goals in favour of a team are 6, by France. The 2018 World Cup had a record 12 own goals, doubling the previous record.

FourFourTwo ranked the 10 most incredible World Cup own goals, and here they are:

1. Mario Mandzukic (Croatia vs France, 2018)

2. Cristian Zaccardo (Italy vs USA, 2006)
3. Andranik Eskandarian (Iran vs Scotland, 1978)
4. Ernie Brandts (Netherlands vs Italy, 1978)
5. Noel Valladares (Honduras vs France, 2014)
6. Colin Curran (Australia vs East Germany, 1974)
7. Ernst Lortscher (Switzerland vs Germany, 1938)
8. Ivan Davidov (Bulgaria vs Hungary, 1966)
9. Jimmy Dickinson (England vs Belgium, 1954)
10. Manuel Rosas (Mexico vs Chile, 1930)

Football Whispers also listed some of the worst own goals in football history, such as:

– Lee Dixon (Arsenal vs Coventry City, 1991)
– Chris Brass (Bury vs Darlington, 2006)
– Djimi Traore (Liverpool vs Burnley, 2005)
– Festus Baise (Sun Hei SC vs Citizen AA, 2011)
– Frank Sinclair (Leicester City vs Middlesbrough, 2002)

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