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I had a stye about a month ago and it would get better if I just let it go, so I didn’t take any action and just waited. Then a month had passed and it didn’t go away, so I was worried if this was really okay. So I ended up going to the hospital for treatment and surgery, but if you search on Naver, you’re afraid that the surgery will be very painful, right?

He said he was afraid and had surgery. The anesthesia didn’t hurt as much as I thought, and it was tolerable, and the surgery was over in 5 minutes. But as the anesthesia wears off, it starts to sting, and later I noticed that the gauze was also covered with blood. It was really painful, but I was relieved to think that the stye, which I had been very worried about for a month, would no longer bother me. I don’t want to believe that it will get better with time again. So, some people say that if you leave the stye as it is, it will be cured, and some say it will get better? I was curious so I looked it up.

Q. Did the stye really come out on its own over time? It is said that some stye get better over time and some do not. What do you mean? In the beginning, it gradually swells up, and then pain develops, and after about a week or so, about half of people burst out of pus and the symptoms improve!

The most important thing is that sometimes it gets worse, but the pus in a stye cannot be treated even with antibiotics because the outlet of the oil gland is blocked and bacteria are multiplying while the oil is stagnant. Antibiotics travel through the blood vessels of our body to catch bacteria, but in the case of pus from stye in the eyes, the role of antibiotics is limited because they are contained in oil! It means that there is no direct effect.

Q. I am afraid of surgery. Can’t we just weave it at home? As with any wound, it is said that styes are not good to squeeze by hand. If you squeeze it by hand or with a non-sterile instrument, pus can be squeezed out, but bacteria can penetrate again, resulting in secondary infection and scarring.

In the case of stye, it exists as bacteria in the oil glands, so you can take an antibiotic directly or put it in your eye with antibiotic eye drops. (If you go to the pharmacy and ask for antibiotic eye drops to put in your eyes when you have a stye, they will give you one!) If the pus is already full, it is recommended to drain the pus and take antibiotics!

Q. What are the complications of stye? In the case of children, recurrence of sty is a problem, and in the case of children (children) who have eyelids that are often hardened and stagnant because the oil inside the eyelids does not drain well, it is said that if the sty is not healed cleanly, it will continue to recur.

For adults, soybean sty, which swells up like soybean, may be a skin tumor in some cases, so it is recommended to perform a biopsy just in case. If the sty is very severe, it is necessary to be hospitalized and take antibiotic treatment to the blood vessels so that it does not spread to the optic nerve around the eye.

Q. What is the most realistic way to prevent stye? If the stye often recurs, I think it would be a good idea to try it once. Stye is the accumulation of oil in the oil glands that is not smoothly secreted, right? Therefore, it is said that it is good to prevent stye because it improves circulation if you apply a warm compress with a hot towel on a regular basis!

And when you wash your eyelids, you always take care to keep them clean. If you have a sty, you can visit an ophthalmologist and have your eyelids cleaned separately!!! It is said that one of the preventive measures is to visit often and prevent inflammation in advance! Also, since bacteria enter the eye and infection causes sty, washing your hands well and not rubbing your eyes is also really basic among the basics, right?!

In particular, I’ve seen a lot of women having stye because they can’t wash off cosmetics properly! (Shadow? If you do this and wear lenses, it is recommended that you pay extra attention to lens hygiene.!!!

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