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31 Impressive Facts About Tom Holland – The Fan Favorite Spider-Man


Tom Holland is just in his early 20s, but he has already webbed his spot in the Hollywood industry. Often known for portraying inexperienced, but enthusiastic kids, he crawled his way in our hearts with his impeccable portrayal of Peter Parker / Spider-Man, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. The actor has lined up some really interesting movies, and is sure to take the entire world on a ride on his spider web. Despite being in the limelight, there are many things about him that still most of the fans do not know. Here are some awesome facts about the Spider-Man that will make you love him more:

  1. In the year 2013, during the promotion of his movie “How I Live Now,” he was asked in an interview about what kind of role he wants to try next, for which he replied saying “a role that packs action and humor.”
  2. The reporters went on to ask if he would like to portray a superhero, he said he would like to be “Spider-Man,” and added that “after a period of 10 years time, in the reboot of the reboot.” He was cast within a few years for the role.
  3. He admitted that he was totally intimidated when he had to screen-test for the role of “Spider-Man,” in the movie “Captain America: Civil War.” Robert Downey Jr., had taken him aside and told him he was also terrified to screen=test for Iron Man, and asked him to just think it as another audition.
  4. Since his childhood days, he had been a Spider-Man fan, in comparison to any other superheroes. He claims that portraying Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is actually like a dream come true for him.
  5. Even Amy Pascal, the producer of “Spider-Man: Far from Home,” claimed that Holland brings different perspective to the comic character of Spider-Man.
  6. She added that Holland is “brilliant, emotional, and funny,” and more than all this, he loves Spider-Man, and that “he’s a true super-fan of the character and its world,” which make his portrayal even better.
  7. Tom is said to be the first non-U.S-born actor to portray Peter Parker / Spider-Man in movies. Just like him, his predecessor Andrew Garfield was also raised in the U.K., but Garfield was actually born in the United States.
  8. Holland is the first actor in the history to portray the comic superhero of Peter Parker / Spider-Man in movies, who was also a teenager at the time of casting. He reportedly turned 19, just shortly before the announcement of his casting was made in June 2015.
  9. He is all set to play the role of young Nathan Drake in the upcoming movie “Uncharted” scheduled for a 2021 release. The role was first offered to Chris Pratt, who declined it. However, Tom Holland has reportedly requested Pratt to play the role of Sully.
  10. It was during the filming of his movie “Pilgrimage,” that he and his co-star Jon Bernthal recorded self tapes on the sets for the role of Spider-Man and Punisher respectively, and sent them to Marvel.
  11. Just a week into the filming of “Chaos Walkiing” started, he happened to break his nose, after being punched in the face by a stuntman, while shooting a fight scene.
  12. Even on the last day of shooting “The Lost City of Z,” he accidentally broke his nose by doing a salto backwards in between takes. He had to take rest for a few days.
  13. In November 2017, he accidentally revealed the “Avengers: Infinity War” teaser poster via Instagram live stream, though he was supposed to keep it a secret.
  14. He had already showed the poster to the camera and had also read the message out loud for the audience, before discovering a large sign that read “Confidential, Do Not Share.”
  15. It was reported that Tom was the one who saved the “Untitled Spider-Man Sequel” which is scheduled for 2021 release, from being cancelled. He is said to have forced re-negotiations between Sony and Disney.
  16. Before the filming of “Chaos Walking” commenced, he was asked to grow as much facial hair as possible, for his role as Todd Hewitt, as he looked notoriously boyish, despite his actual early-twenties age.
  17. However, all that Tom Holland was able to muster in a span of six weeks was just a thin-striped goatee that is barely a soul-patch. He even had his wisdom teeth pulled out during the filming and was bed ridden for four days.
  18. During the filming of “The Lost City of Z,” he had to wear a fake mustache, as he was “a child,” and actually couldn’t grow one, even after so many months.
  19. It was reported that while filming the Iron Man’s funeral scene in the “Avengers: Endgame,” Holland was told that they were filming a wedding, as he is known for accidentally giving spoilers away in press junkets.
  20. He is said to have had an un-credited role in a movie “A Monster Calls,” based on a book by Patrick Ness. It was reported that he occasionally filled in for Liam Neeson on the set of the movie.
  21. He was working on another movie, while simultaneously filming “Avengers: Infinity War.” The other movie required him to have longer hair, following which; he had his stylists incorporate the new lengthy hair into his Spider-Man look.
  22. However, after watching the final look in the first trailer, he reportedly regretted this decision, claiming it looked ridiculous and even compared himself to Prince Charming jokingly.
  23. He was initially cast in the role of Seaplane McDonough/Alex in the 2017 movie “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” but due to scheduling conflicts with “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” he had to drop out of the project.
  24. On the last day of shooting on the sets of “Chaos Walking,” he had to perform a scene in which his character is able to hold his breath underwater for a couple of minutes.
  25. While filming the scene, Holland reportedly passed out, and was totally unconscious on camera, and was rushed to hospital.
  26. He claims the action sequence of Water Elemental attack in Venice from the movie “Spider-Man: Far from Home,” to be his favorite. In this scene, his character runs across a series of poles. He claimed in an interview that he regrets for not paying attention to the stunt coordinator’s advice to wear shin guards.
  27. It was reported that Holland was not allowed to read the script of “Avengers: Infinity War,” as he accidentally revealed too many secrets for “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”
  28. In fact, in one of the promotional videos, where most of the cast members are in an interrogation room, refusing to give away any spoilers, Holland’s mouth was conspicuously taped shut.
  29. In preparation for his role as Peter Parker in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” he attended classes at Bronx High School of Science in New York City, for a few days. He is said to have used his acting coach’s name as an alias.
  30. The Russo Brother claimed in an interview that the famous Peter Parker’s last lines in the movie “Avengers: Infinity War,” – “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good” and “I don’t wanna go,” before the Spider-Man disintegrates were actually improvised on spot by Tom Holland.
  31. Tom Holland Net Worth: $6 Million
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