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31 Extraordinary Facts About Emma Stone That Everyone Must Know


Emma Stone, with her impeccable performance as Mia, took us all to “La La Land.” Since the time she made her appearance with hilarious “Superbad,” as a redhead, to her Oscar-winning performance, she has been taking the world on a wonderful ride. But, there is a lot more about her career and her performances that you might have not known before. Here are a few interesting facts from her life:

  1. While she is famously known as a redhead, she is actually a natural blonde. She first changed her hair color for “Superbad” movie, on the suggestion of Judd Apatow. She loved her look as redhead and decided to keep it that way.
  2. Early in June 2019, she dislocated her shoulder while performing at a Spice Girls concert. This led to the delay in the production of the movie “Cruella,” in which she is roped in to play the titular role of villainess Cruella De Vil.
  3. In the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” the dog that her character Gwen Stacy walks, while the Spider-Man/Peter Parker spies on her from the rooftop, was actually adopted by Emma and her co-star Andrew Garfield.
  4. She was the initial choice for the role of Billie Jean King in the 2017 movie “Battle of Sexes.” However, her schedule forced her to forgo the offer and pass it over to Brie Larson. Within a few months, when Larson dropped out of the project, and her schedule was clear, she took the offer.
  5. Director Damien Chazelle of “La La Land” was very much impressed with her performance as Sally Bowles in the Broadway Production of “Cabaret” in the year 2014-2015.
  6. He met her and outlined the idea of the movie to Emma, who felt confident enough to pull up the character perfectly. She claimed that she accepted the offer because director Damien was very passionate about the movie.
  7. He said that he feels Emma Stone to be one of the greatest actresses of our time who can create any feeling with the audience without any dialogue, purely through her face, mannerisms and body language.
  8. In the movie “Easy A,” she had to shoot all of her webcam and narration scenes in a single day – a 14-hour-day of simply starring at the camera. It was reported that every so often, she would walk around outside and stretch her muscles from simply sitting for so long.
  9. She got to know that Andrew Garfield was her co-star in the superhero movie “The Amazing Spider-Man,” while meeting with him in a coffee shop. The duo began dating in real life, during the filming of the movie.
  10. For her role as Sophie Baker in the movie “Magic in the Moonlight,” she is said to have considered Diane Keaton as a major influence. Keaton was long a mainstay in Woody Allen’s movies.
  11. The plot of the movie “La La Land” has very strong ties with her real life. Just like her character, she also dropped out of college to pursue acting career. The movie is based in LA and Stone moved to LA from Arizona with her mother at the age of 15.
  12. In fact, for her performance as Mia, she drew on her personal experiences of struggling to get an audition and often being dismissed after just a line or two. For her dancing sequences, she attended Pom dancing as a child and went to ballet classes for a year.
  13. She revealed on “The Graham Norton Show,” that after wearing the corset for her role as Abigail in the movie “The Favorite,” for a month that all her internal organs have shifted, like forcing the liver and stomach down. Throughout the filming, she used to sniff menthol, as it made her feel like she was in a wide open space.
  14. Her acting career started at the very young age of 11, when she starred in stage productions of the Valley Youth Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. She also performed in the theatre’s comedy improve troupe.
  15. In the movie “Battle of Sexes,” in which she played the role of Billie Jean King, she reportedly filmed some scenes from the point of view of the legend, all by herself.
  16. Her casting as Allison Ng in the 2015 movie “Aloha,” was received with great criticisms, as her character was a Chinese and Hawaiian descent. Audiences and reviewers objected the fact that a white actress is cast in his main role, and even felt it to be an insult to the diverse culture and fabric of Hawaii, representing whitewashed version of Hawaii and its residents.
  17. Director Cameron Crowe published an apology note on his blog titled “The Uncool,” claiming the odd and misguided casting choice to have been fully his fault and that he took full responsibility for it.
  18. It was reported that Stone performed the “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” in the movie “La La Land” live, with no pre-recording track. It was she who decided the switches from singing to dialogue and vice versa in the scene.
  19. This was because Director Damien Chazelle wanted to give her more control of the scene, and had song’s composer Justin Hurwitz play piano in her ear from another room.
  20. The entire scene was reportedly performed by Emma repeatedly for nine takes. And out of all the nine, director Damien was very much impressed with the second take, which made it to the final movie.
  21. Composer Justin Hurwitz was supposedly only reacting to Emma leading the song, which can be seen often times when the piano is a little bit behind the vocal. Hurwitz claimed that he was really nervous during the live take, as it was a pivotal moment for Emma.
  22. Her fully nude performance in the sex scene in “The Favorite” movie, was said to be her idea, as she felt that it made better sense. Initially, she had a sheet around her, but after a few takes, she had asked if she can be naked.
  23. Her co-star Olivia Colman had insisted her on not doing it, while director Yorgos Lanthimos had asked her if she was sure that she had to do it. She had simply said that she felt the need to do it for the scene to be better.
  24. In the 2014 movie “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” the graduation speech that her character of Gwen Stacy gives, was personally written by Emma Stone herself.
  25. According to the DVD commentary of “Zombieland,” Emma Stone was initially cast in the role of 406. However, in the movie, she plays the role of Wichita.
  26. Before the filming of “La La Land” commenced, she and her co-star Ryan Gosling, along with the director Damien Chazelle, visited Gene Kelly’s widow. The trio got to look through Kelly’s film memorabilia, including the leather-bound copy of the script for the 1952 movie “Singin’ in the Rain.”
  27. During the filming of the fake sex scene in the movie “Easy A,” she had an asthma attack in the year 2010. Until then, she was not aware that she had asthma.
  28. The canary-yellow dress that her character of Mia wore in “La La Land,” was initially designed as a stand-by for the dance rehearsals, but Emma wanted to wear it on the movie, as she fell in love with it.
  29. For her role as Amelia in the 2008 movie “The Rocker,” she took bass lessons and learned to play all the songs in the movie by heart. She is now a very good bass player.
  30. At the age of 15, she convinced her parents to allow her to drop out of college and pursue an acting career in Hollywood, with a PowerPoint Presentation titled “Project Hollywood.” Needless to say, the rest is history.
  31. Emma Stone Net Worth: $30 Million
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