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31 Extraordinary Facts About Emily Blunt That Will Blow Your Mind


Emily Blunt, who seems very calm, composed and poised in almost every scene of her movies, has earned a lot of rave reviews for how versatile she can be. She may be the only actress who gave a breakthrough performance, while appearing alongside none other than the legendary actress Meryl Streep. The English actress has given so many hit movies and has some really interesting ones lined up too. Here are some intriguing facts about the actress that you may not know, despite she being in the limelight for decades now:

  1. It was reported that casting her in “Mary Poppins Returns,” was endorsed by Dame Julie Andrews, who played the titular role of Mary Poppins in the 1964 movie. Andrews called it to be a wonderful casting decision to have Blunt as the successor.
  2. Emily is said to have cried tears of joy when she got to know about Andrews’ reaction, and claimed that it was really “lovely” to receive the stamp of approval from Dame Julie Andrews.
  3. She was reportedly hesitant to join the “A Quiet Place Part II” movie, as she felt that there was no possibility that they could top the first movie.
  4. However, after listening to the John Krasinski ‘s pitch of the first bus scene in the movie, she immediately signed on to join the movie.
  5. Blunt admitted in an interview that the filming of her famous movie “Mary Poppins Return” was delayed to the production of “Live, Die Repeat and Repeat.”
  6. During the filming of “The Girl on the Train,” she would wear bloodshot contact lenses to make her appearance as heavily inebriated more genuine. Blunt even wore prosthetics on her cheeks to make them look slightly plumper.
  7. Emily claimed in an interview that she decided to accept the role of Sara in the 2012 movie “Looper,” after reading only half of the script. In fact, she had no idea, what her character was really.
  8. For her breakout performance in “The Devil Wears Prada,” she was asked to lose weight, and also had to undergo a strict diet routine. Her co-star Anne Hathaway also revealed a similar story and claimed that both of them wear always hungry on-set.
  9. She claims that for the first bus scene in the movie “A Quiet Place Part II,” the final cut includes the first take of the scene, as she was really terrified by the stunt, which had the bus coming at her at 40 miles per hour.
  10. When the “Mary Poppins Returns” movie was announced, Emily Blunt was pregnant and could not perform. But Walt Disney wanted her to do the movie, and had the production postponed to accommodate her pregnancy. It was more like a repeat of the history, as the first 1964 movie “Mary Poppins,” was also delayed to accommodate Dame Julie Andrews’s pregnancy.
  11. In the movie “The Girl on the Train,” her character’s confession in the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting was totally unrehearsed, and her nervousness and discomfort is said to be completely genuine.
  12. During the shooting of the car chase scene in the “Edge of Tomorrow,” she was supposed to drive fast and take a right hand turn, in order to get the minivan to shake.
  13. However, Emily reportedly missed her mark and drove the car right into a tree, almost killing her co-star Tom Cruise, the co-passenger. She later claimed that the incident was both hilarious and terrifying, and both the stars started laughing after the accident.
  14. It was said that the bathtub scene in the movie “A Quiet Place,” was done in a single take. Director John Krasinski even claims that just as he said “Cut,” Emily immediately asked the crew members “What’s everyone having for lunch?” which was totally out of character.
  15. In preparation for her titular role in “Mary Poppins Returns,” she reportedly did an extensive research into P.L. Travers’ books. However, the Walt Disney’s version of the character as well as the first Dame Julie Andrews’s characterization was totally different. Blunt’s interpretation of the character is said to have been closer to the books.
  16. According to Meghan McCarthy, Blunt’s performance was “a big influence” on Tempest Shadow was animated in “My Little Pony: The Movie.”
  17. At the start of the filming of “The Girl on the Train,” she was at the beginning stage of her pregnancy and reportedly kept it as a secret from the entire cast and crew except for co-star Justin Theroux.
  18. In fact, it was while filming the scene of Rachel showering that director Tate Taylor noticed her bump and confronted her. She had to tell him, who agreed to keep it a secret. Towards the end of filming, she was in her fifth month of pregnancy.
  19. She claims her role as Princess Mary in the 2010 “Gulliver’s Travel,” to have been the most “girlish” role thus far in her career.
  20. When her husband John Krasinski was approached to star in the movie “A Quiet Place,” written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, Blunt expressed her interest to star in it, along with her husband.
  21. It was reported that Blunt initially suggested her friend for the role of Evelyn Abbott, but after reading the script, she loved the character and asked her husband to cast her instead.
  22. In fact, the photos featuring the couple in the movie are actually the real family photos of John Krasinski, Emily Blunt and their children.
  23. For her role as Rachel in the movie “The Girl on the Train,” she was first contacted by producer Marc Platt about the title role. It was only after that she went out to buy a copy of the book.
  24. During the rehearsals of “Into the Woods,” Meryl Streep had jumped on a table, but her foot got caught in her costume, resulting in her falling backwards, head first. While James Corden and the director Rob Marshall, reportedly froze in fear, at the thought of anything happening to Meryl Streep, it was Blunt, who stepped in and caught her before hitting the floor.
  25. She started filming for the movie “Sicario,” just four months after delivering her daughter, Hazel. In fact, even in that meantime, she prepared for the role, by meeting FBI agents. Blunt is said to have based her character on one of the FBI agents who was “shy” with a “loner quality.”
  26. She was reportedly Marvel’s first choice for the role of Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow. Blunt was to sign on for the role from the movie “Iron Man 2 ,” but her prior commitment to her film “Gulliver’s Travels,” forced her to turned down the offer.
  27. Casting Blunt as Rachel in the movie “The Girl on the Train,” is said to have created a lot of criticisms among fans, as she was too attractive for the role of a broken and chronic alcoholic.
  28. It was reported that the makeup artists did extensive study of the skin of actual alcoholics and applied make-up to give her the more exhausted look. Blunt, being pregnant helped with the effect of puffy cheeks.
  29. It was reported that Tom Cruise had wanted to work with Emily Blunt for a very long time, and that it was he who recommended her to the producers of “Edge of Tomorrow,” for the role of Rita.
  30. She revealed in an interview that even after a decade after the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” was released, she is still quoted by strangers with different lines from the movie, at least once a week. She even added that her husband John Krasinski had watched the movie at least 75 times.
  31. Emily Blunt Net Worth: $25 Million
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