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3 best food to eat with tomatoes

3 best food to eat with tomatoes
3 best food to eat with tomatoes (Pixabay)

Tomatoes belonging to the Solanaceae family are one of the representative foods of red food due to their characteristic red color. More than 5,000 varieties are cultivated around the world, and various varieties are mainly distributed in Korea, such as clay tomatoes, jujube tomatoes, black tomatoes, and large-sized tomatoes. Tomatoes can be eaten raw after washing, or used as desserts such as various sauces, salads, and juices. In addition, tomatoes are rich in lycopene, an excellent antioxidant, and various vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes, which have such an excellent health-promoting effect, are said to be more effective when consumed with certain foods. So, today, let’s look at foods that are good to eat with tomatoes. Good food to eat with tomatoes

1. Avocado

Avocados are the first food that works even better with tomatoes. The high concentration of lycopene, an antioxidant in tomatoes, is said to increase absorption in the body when combined with unsaturated fatty acids, which are abundant in avocados. Not only lycopene, but also various components such as beta-carotene and lutein contained in tomatoes increase the absorption rate, so you can get excellent health benefits such as preventing various adult diseases and enhancing immunity.

2. Asparagus

Asparagus, which belongs to the Liliaceae family, and is used in various dishes such as salads, tempura, and soups, is also a food that goes well with tomatoes. Asparagus has a high content of aspartic acid, which has an excellent effect in recovering from fatigue and discharging accumulated toxins from the body. In addition, the organic acid component contained in tomatoes is also excellent for helping with smooth metabolism, thus helping to recover from fatigue. Therefore, eating these two foods together is said to help a lot in recovering from fatigue and enhancing vitality through metabolic activation. In particular, the aspartic acid in asparagus is excellent at breaking down alcohol and has a good effect on quickly relieving a hangover.

3. Meat

Tomatoes are known to have an effective effect when consumed together with various meat dishes. This is because the abundant amount of citric acid contained in tomatoes helps the protein in meat to be digested smoothly and reduces the burden on the stomach. And since tomatoes are typical alkaline foods, they have a good effect on neutralizing the acidity of meat. Therefore, eating tomatoes with meat can help alleviate problems that can arise from eating too much meat.

Other foods In addition to the various foods introduced above, various foods such as broccoli, tofu, pomegranate, and udon are said to have good nutritional compatibility with tomatoes. Also, like the avocado introduced earlier, olive oil, nuts, and salmon have a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, so when consumed together, it is said to help increase the absorption of the excellent nutrients in tomatoes. Foods that are not good to eat with tomatoes

When eating tomatoes, there are cases where they sprinkle sugar or marinate them to make them sweet. Sprinkling sugar in this way causes the consumption of vitamin B inside the tomato in the process of sugar decomposition and metabolism, which interferes with the body’s absorption. In addition, the problem of high blood sugar due to consumption of sugar can also occur. Therefore, it is recommended not to add sugar as much as possible for efficient nutrient intake and health management.

Above, we learned about food information that is good to eat with tomatoes. I hope that the various information introduced will be helpful and I hope you have a happy and healthy day today.

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