Doctors Without Orders
Doctors Without Orders

Here are 20 funniest brand names of all time

  1. The Backstreet Toys. A funny play on the boy band The Backstreet Boys. Great for a toy store or a novelty shop.
  2. Fry Away. A catchy name that suggests a fast food restaurant or a frying pan brand.
  3. We Wok! A clever name that sounds like “we rock!” Suitable for a Chinese restaurant or a cookware store.
  4. 2Bee Or Not 2Bee. A hilarious pun on the famous Shakespeare quote. Could work for a beekeeping business or a honey brand.
  5. Stranger Tips Bar. A name that is both funny and intriguing. For a bar that offers advice or entertainment to strangers.
  6. Harry Butter & The Dairy Products. A name that parodies the popular Harry Potter franchise. For a dairy company or a cheese shop.
  7. Britney’s Pears. A name that spoofs the pop star Britney Spears. For a fruit stand or a juice bar.
  8. Lord Of The Things Bazaar. A name that references the epic fantasy novel and film series Lord of the Rings. For a flea market or a thrift store.
  9. For Cod’s Sake. A name that plays on the expression “for God’s sake.” For a seafood restaurant or a fishmonger.
  10. Young Buns. A name that is both cheeky and catchy. For a bakery or a fitness center.
  11. Grab a Granny. A name that is sure to get some laughs and attention. For a dating service or a charity organization for seniors.
  12. Super Dads. A name that is both funny and flattering. For a parenting support group or a clothing brand for fathers.
  13. Eco Locos. A name that combines the words “eco” and “loco” (Spanish for “crazy”). For an environmental activist group or a sustainable product company.
  14. Doctors Without Orders. A name that spoofs the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders. For a comedy show or a medical supply store.
  15. The Earthling Fund. A name that sounds like an alien charity for humans. For an environmental nonprofit or a sci-fi fan club.
  16. Pita Pan. A name that rhymes with the famous character Peter Pan. For a pita bread company or a Mediterranean restaurant.
  17. Curl Up And Dye. A name that sounds like “curl up and die.” For a hair salon or a dyeing service.
  18. Sofa King Good! A name that sounds like “so f***ing good!” For a furniture store or a delivery service.
  19. Wok This Way! A name that mimics the song title “Walk This Way.” For an Asian restaurant or a cooking class.
  20. Frying Nemo! A name that mocks the animated film Finding Nemo. For a fish and chips shop or an aquarium store.
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