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15 Shocking Things You Can Buy on Amazon


15 Shocking Things You Can Buy on Amazon

There are things you can buy on Amazon that will make you think, I can’t believe I can buy this on Amazon. See the list below for 15 of the weirdest and grossest things that you can have shipped to your house with next-day Prime shipping.

Hand Squirrel for Terrifying Kids and Adults

I think the picture here speaks for itself. What could have been an innocent toy for kid’s has become the stuff of recurring nightmares. Our best advice is to kill it with fire.

A “Thumb” Drive

Ha ha, thumb drive, get it? But for reals, if you actually use this in your office, get ready for some weird stares at the least.

Protein Rich, Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable, Earthworm Jerky

Oh no is this real? Yes it’s real. Maybe this is the solution for people who like gummy worms, but also like things that are all natural with no preservatives.

Actual Radioactive Uranium Ore

They literally have a product photo of someone measuring it with a Geiger counter and writing the CPM on the side. This should be a small enough sample that nothing bad will come from it, right?

A Real Human Finger Bone

A real metacarpal finger bone from a human being. You might wonder where the bone actually comes from, but let’s be honest, do you really want to know?

1500 Real Live Ladybugs (Guaranteed Alive)

These are good bugs, so if you want to try to seed a colony of ladybugs in your front yard, this might do the trick. What else can you do with a bag of ladybugs? You can let your imagination run wild here.

A Real Home with Electrical, Water, Sewer, Heater, and AC

It makes sense that the store that wants to sell you everything sells, well, just about everything. Not sure the shipping logistics on this, but Amazon can ship you an entire tiny home, complete with everything you need to live and sleep out of it.

Baby Pacifier & Gold Grillz

If you need this for your baby, you know who you are. Culturally questionable, but that’s what makes it so funny when you roll up at your next family gathering, amiright?

Snowman, Elf, Reindeer Poop (Mints)

Next time when someone asks you if you have a mint, ask them if reindeer poop is okay instead.

Hair Dryer Powered Dog Drying Suit

Oh no, oh no, that poor dog. Even if this device dries with 15% more efficiency, I’m not sure if that dog will forgive you for taking away his dignity.

Throw Pillow for your Sofa

It’s an egg for your sofa. These also come on donut, hamburger, and popcorn variety, so you can have an entire sofa of junk food throw pillows. Tasteful right?

Single Soda Can Chiller Powered by USB

If you need this, you know who you are. Always have an ice cold soda ready to go, and after you drink it, stock another one. This can definitely be an enabler for people with soda addictions.

Dragon Head Status + Stapler

Is it a piece of gothic art? No, just a stapler. But why can’t it be both?

Like a Baby Bjorn for your Cat, and it’s a Dress

Not sure how this works with cats having free will and claws and all. But assuming they don’t get too ornery, this doesn’t look like a half-way bad way to go on a walk with your cat.

Sometimes Your Dog Feels like Being a Blonde

Another of this article’s weird pet products. But just in case you ever wanted to, you can give your dog a blonde ponytail. We have to admit it looks hilarious.

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