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14 Best Tools All Dads Need To Own


Below please find our list of all tools that dads need to own. There were various considerations for which tools would be on the final version of this list. Tools had to have an association with dad in kid’s minds, in terms of their utility, their appearance, or even their sound. The tools need to be functional and practical, and be used on semi-regular basis. There are a number of fun and quirky tools, but this list focuses on the meat and potatoes of the tools that we believe dads need to own.

Braun Electric Shaver

Bruan is known as a German company building consumer products such as electric shavers with exacting German engineering. They were acquired by Gillette in 1985, before being sold to P&G in 2007. Their electric shavers are still top notch, and the sound their shavers make becomes one of audible brands that children associate with their fathers for a lifetime. They offer razers at the low, medium, and high end, and their build quality can last a lifetime. A solid electric razer should be a valued possession of many dads.

Swiss Army Knife – Trekker Model

Dads are expected to use tools and have answers, and one of the quintessentially dad items is the swiss army knife. This is great as a box opener, makeshift screwdriver, opening bottles, or opening cans. They come in dozens of models and from dozens of brands, but we recommend one of the original Made in Switzerland model, that comes with lifetime guarantee. The trekker model has an especially ergonomic handle, and having a good quality blade within reach will always come in handy.

Zippo Lighter

Perhaps this product is catering to our inner cave man, but being able to control and create fire probably did more to promote dad status in the eyes of kids than any other event in history. Having a good lighter will be as useful for starting campfires as it is lighting birthday cakes. Lighters from Zippo are Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee.

LED Headlamp – Black Diamond Storm

Having a flashlight is always useful. For nighttime hikes and blackout emergencies, there are always going to be times when you need to see in the dark. These days headlamps are cheap and accessible, and are more practical than flashlights in many situations. Have a light everywhere you are looking, while keeping your hands free to do what they need to do. Once you try a headlamp, you won’t want to use anything else.

Multi-Piece Tool Kit

Here is another item that are associated with dads by kids. Have you ever seen those Craftsman tool kits? They are 100% catered to children who want to be like dad. In the eyes of kids, tool kits are dad’s toys. This is what adults use to get work done. Between hammering nails, to using screwdrivers to open battery compartments, to measuring things around the house, tool kits are probably going to be used on a weekly basis. It is worth it to invest in a good one.

Comfortable Hoodie for All Occasions

Sometimes dad is dressed for work, but a lot of times, casual dad needs a break. A hoodie is versatile enough for home lounging, and proper enough to wear to run to the store to pick up a few items. This might be the piece of clothing that kids will see dad wearing most often. Hoodies are cheap, versatile, and sometimes durable enough to last a lifetime.

Grilling Tongs

Being able to grill a hunk of meat to perfection over the grill is a skill that definitely wins bonus points with the kids as well as the wife. I could have included any of the grilling tools, but tongs are an inexpensive and grilling-specific tool that men who grill have no excuse not to own.

First Aid Kit and Neosporin

If you have kids then you know kids and bruises are going to be a fact of life. It is useful to have bandaids available, and Neosporin or other anti-septic agent so that cuts don’t get infected. We recommend keeping a set in the car, as injuries often occur when the family is out and about.

Running/Hiking/Athletic Shoes

Another staple for dads everywhere. Part of healthy children’s routines includes outdoor activities such as going to the playground, hiking, and playing sports. A good pair of athletic shoes will help you keep up with the children, and will also help inspire respect when you show them how fast you can run.

Heavy Duty Backpack

One of the required items for adventuring is a good quality backpack that can carry all of the gear you and your family needs. Having a laptop pocket is a useful optional feature, but having a large capacity is probably the most useful feature. Find one that has good comfort, style, and is large enough for your practical needs.

Yeti Vacuum Tumbler

These are durable and great for keeping hot things hot and cold things cold. You will be astonished how many hours a quality thermos can keep ice from melting, keeping your drink cold. From coffee to sports drinks, these tumblers are great for all sorts of drinks and situations.

Portable Car Jumper

Although your car may come with jumper cables, it is always trouble to find another person willing to help you. And even then, it won’t always work, as cars can product different amounts of electrical power. A portable car jumper gives you enough juice to start your car up multiple times, and can charge easily when needed. It also doubles as a large battery, and has features such as flashlight and USB charging which are useful when not being used as an emergency jump.

Mirrorless Camera – Sony A6400

A solidly “pro-sumer” level camera, this APS-C sensor Sony A6400 is the sort of camera that any self-respecting dad would be satisfied to own. Including features such as RAW image capture, interchangeable lenses, and full manual controls, operating a camera and taking photos has been a dad skill ever since home cameras were around.

Large Powerbank – Anker 10,000 mAh

These days family members are toting with them a variety of electronic gadgets. It is just natural that the battery will go to 0, and you won’t always have an outlet handy. Having a large battery power bank will eventually come in handy. Some come with multiple USB ports for multiple device charging. You may or may not want to let your kids have that much screen time, but there will definitely be times when you are glad you had this handy.

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